The Little Miami Dirty Dozen

A baker's dozen of the choicest climbs in the Little Miami River Valley

9:00 AM - Black Friday, November 24, 2017 - Corwin, OH

Work off the Thanksgiving turkey with 13 steep hills in the Little Miami River Valley! And be ready with the best excuse to avoid shopping!

The 8th annual Little Miami Dirty Dozen will be held on Friday, Nov 24, 2017, starting in Corwin OH. Plan to be there at 9:00 AM in the Little Miami Trail parking lot. We only race uphill. We regroup at the top of each hill and then head for the next one to do it again ... and again ... Be sure to rally your favorite riders up the hill with appropriate cheers.

The route has 13 challenging hills. Along the way, if your legs are not quite up to the challenge, or you need to bail out early, just head downhill to the Little Miami Trail and back to the start. When the route was a standalone training route, it was plotted on Mapmyride. Mapmyride shows it going into Morrow for some snacks, but the LMDD doesn't because the group stops for snacks at the top of some climbs.

The race is modeled after the Pittsburgh Dirty Dozen, which was created by Danny Chew and now attracts 300+ riders. The LMDD uses the same type of points system as the PDD, with 5 points awarded for first place on each hill, 4 points for second, 3 points for third, 2 points for fourth, and 1 point for fifth place. The winner is the rider with the highest accumulated number of points, and wins the honor and respect of your fellow riders (sorry, we're not a big enough ride yet to give cash prizes). If your significant other isn't climbing or you're a fan who can help identify point winners at the top of the climbs, we can use your help. If you wish to sponsor prizes, contact us.

If you plan on doing the ride, please contact Matt Bond to let him know, so we have a rough count for our periodic snack stops. Matt's wife Sharon will be driving and officiating and can carry minor repair tools.

Some pictures from the 2010 LMDD: