Little Miami Dirty Dozen Rules




Everyone must wear an ANSI approved helmet.


We only race uphill.  At the top of each hill everyone stops, regroups, and rides together to the base of the next hill.



Official Finisher Status


In order to be recognized as an Official Finisher, you must successfully ride every hill in the event.  Successfully riding a hill means that you make continuous uphill progress to the top under your own power, and the only contact points with the ground are your tires.  Falling down, putting a foot down, grabbing poles or other stationary objects, track standing in place, etc. are disqualifying.  If any of these occur, the hill must be restarted from the bottom.



Points and Placings


Only Official Finishers are eligible for placings in the points tally.  Riders who are not Official Finishers will retain their points, but will be ineligible for placings.


A five-place points system is used at the top of each hill for two divisions, male and female.  For each division, the first rider to the top receives 5 points, the second rider gets 4 points, the third rider 3 points, the fourth 2 points, and the fifth 1 point.  If you're one of the first five to the top, clearly call out your ride number to the official. 


When approaching the start of a hill, riders must stay even with or behind the ride leader who signals hill starts.  The ride leader blows a whistle at the start of each contested hill.  Only then may riders go as hard as they want to the top in an attempt to score points, while remaining alert for road hazards and traffic.


If two or more riders have the same point total the following tiebreaker rule is applied: Whoever has the greater number of higher placings, starting with the highest, wins the tie.  For example, a rider with a total of two points from a single 4th-place hill finish wins a tie against a rider with a total of two points from two 5th-place finishes.





Rule violation penalties are applied by event officials and their decision is final.  Penalties may range from loss of points on one hill to disqualification from the points tally.